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About Us

With over 20 years combined experience in the construction, janitorial, and disaster recovery clean up,  industry Clark & Associates is the right choice for any job.

If you need a 10 workers for a single weekend, we can help. If you need 100 workers and a professional site management team, we’re the company for you.

Clark & Associates goes to great lengths to ensure outstanding quality control and to provide for continuous dialog and open lines of communication with our customers. We believe that quality control and communication are the keys to the successful completion of each job. Our tools and techniques used to ensure impeccable quality control and consistent communication are:

Our Mission

Clark & Associates Construcion Inc is a fully licensed and insured labor services company that strives to provide
our customers with the highest quality work at the best cost.

Emergency Hotline

We maintain a telephone hotline for prompt response in special situations and emergencies. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any reason. In case of an emergency at your facility while one of our services is being conducted, our personnel will immediately contact the person you have designated and follow the emergency procedures you have prescribed for the office or building. Every location is assigned a Site Manager in order to provide continual inspections which ensure compliance with client specifications.

Site Inspections

Conducted on an ongoing basis during the course of your service, a Primmoz Site Manager walks through the entire job, noting specific requirements and areas that may need particular attention. Every member of our team—management, supervisors, and front-line personnel—is made aware of your needs and the quality standards that must be maintained.

Safety Training

Clark & Associates’ number one priority on any job is safety.  Each one of our employees must complete an in-house safety training course; refresher courses are also given annually. In addition, all of our Site Managers are required to be CPR certified.

Drug-free Commitment

Clark & Associates provides a safe place to work and promotes a drug-free community. It is our policy to prevent the use and or presence of drugs in the workplace and assist employees in overcoming dependence on said substances and/or alcohol. This policy was implemented pursuant to the drug-free work place program under the Florida Workers Compensation Act.

Clark & Associates is the right choice for your construction job